Here We Go

I wonder if you`re bold enough To show your stuff To drop your front, you`re not so tough You take one step at me I take two more You`re cowardice shows, you run for the door Never going back [...]
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Just some thangs

Okay so I really didn`t want to post anything about some things I have been up to because quite frankly whenever I let the cat out of the bag on things, sh*t seems to happen to throw it out the window…not excuses, legit sh*t lol. No I am not a flake, when I say I am going to do something you better well believe it because even if it takes me a lifetime to do it MY way, I WILL! So let me continue with one of the things I am up to…since it is only about a week away, I figured it to be safe to say that I am competing on stage again at the WBFF show in Boston on June 2. I was approached and asked to do this show so that is why I am because I really do love it and just might have some others under my belt this year that I was approached about but that is pending. I have been told many times that I should do figure but if I do, than my body won`t allow me to be as active as I like to be and to train in the sport I love of MMA so suck it, YOU do figure (lol jk). I don`t look as good as I can and will but if you knew my life and the circumstances surrounding it, you would understand but I worked DAMN hard and to me that is worth being proud of. I am doing fitness model because I AM a model of fitness and need to finally own that no matter how I look. I word damn hard all year round and eat clean year round and have for over ten years and if that isn`t what anyone is looking for well too bad so sad :).  I have learned one thing, it was when I started listening to everyone else, reaching too much to others and completely stopped listening to me and trusting me that things started to go out of control in my life because I wanted something so badly to help me with my many goals and dreams. OOPSIES! I have had some amazing support from some LEGIT people and one of the biggest helpers has been my good friend, Mr. Dark Poet himself, Kirk Olson. Please be sure to get a copy of his book as a major part of the proceeds goes directly to Breast Cancer Research. Now on to the soonest next bit of info…after this show I am going to get assessed by my current badass , incredible coach Jim Liguori (I am not affiliated with any one gym or club etc for several reasons but he IS the one I give credit to for what might be to come) to see if I can make a July fight card not too far from here. He has one guy on it already, mma fighter Nick Naccarato. We shall see what happens but either way, omg I know I have a huuuuge amount of work still to do and never thought otherwise.  Am I looking to be a professional fighter in the UFC? No, but I will because I love it and it helps me with working with the athletes and well, I just plain love it! I know that there is a massive difference between training and nutrition for sport, for physique and for general health and fitness but without some legit fights under my belt and being a woman, I just have to fight that much harder to get the respect so I will 😉 I have other dreams and goals and it all really ties in as it has to do with health, fitness, sport, entertainment etc. so need to be able to be on top of my game for any of these elements which is another reason my ultimate goal is not to go pro as a fighter but want to help those who DO want that get there right! (sooo much to write in this post ahhhh) Well I have a LOT of catching up to do after my week hiatus from online anything so ttys and stay freshy fresh 😀

Phoenix Rising

Thank you for inspiring me in all the ways I never want to be Lost all patience, no more wasted breath on your complacency Misguided revolt, a battle within and against one of your own team No [...]
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This is a really cool post I found on a cool  BLOG  that I had to share. I love the message no matter how old you are, no matter where you come from…

Letter to your children

The following is a letter to his son from a renown Hong Kong TV broadcaster come Child Psychologist. The words are actually applicable to all of us, young or old, children or parents.

My Son:
I am writing this to you because of 3 reasons.

First, life is unpredictable, nobody knows how long he lives. Some words are better said early.
Second, I am your father, and if I don’t tell you these, no one else will.
Third, what is written is my own personal bitter experiences that perhaps could save you a lot of unnecessary heartache.

Remember the following as you go through life:

1. Do not bear grudge towards those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well, except your mother and I. To those who are good to you, you have to treasure it and be thankful, and ALSO you have to be cautious, because, everyone has a motive for every move. When a person is good to you, it does not mean he really likes you. You have to be careful, don’t hastily regard him as a real friend.

2. No one is indispensable, nothing in the world that you must possess. Once you understand this idea, it would be easier for you to go through life when people around you don’t want you anymore, or when you lose what/who you love most.

3. Life is short. When you waste your life today, tomorrow you would find that life is leaving you. The earlier you treasure your life, the better you enjoy life.

4. Love is but a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with time and with one’s mood. If your so called loved one leaves you, be patient, time will wash away your aches and sadness. Don’t over exaggerate the beauty and sweetness of love, and don’t over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.

5. A lot of successful people did not receive a good education, that does not mean that you can be successful by not studying hard! Whatever knowledge you gain is your weapon in life. One can go from rags to riches, but one has to start from some rags!

6. I do not expect you to financially support me when I am old, either would I financially support your whole life. My responsibility as a supporter ends when you are grown up. After that, you decide whether you want to travel in a public transport or in your limousine, whether rich or poor.

7. You honour your words, but don’t expect others to be so. You can be good to people, but don’t expect people to be good to you. If you don’t understand this, you would end up with unnecessary troubles.

8. I have bought lotteries for umpteen years, but I never strike any prize. That shows if you want to be rich, you have to work hard! There is no free lunch!

9. No matter how much time I have with you, let’s treasure the time we have together. We do not know if we would meet again in our next life.

Your Dad.