Choose Your Battle

It’s difficult to understand what you’ve never lived Doesn’t make excuses for the negativity that you give Instead of opening up wide only your mouth Open up your mind, your heart and let the [...]
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Some days

Some days it feels like a scene from Mississippi Burning Like after all this time, just preaching, no learning. Some days it feels like the message of love was forgotten Like we forgot what [...]
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Stuff and things and things and stuff

These past few weeks have been just unreal. I truly had no idea that the surrounding area of Rhode Island and MA had SO much to offer.In the realms of entertainment there are fights all over the place, physique shows, concerts galore, comedy festivals, beautiful beaches, sites to see and let’s not forget the many places to get some legit training in! I have been to quit a few different places such as Bishop’s where as the sucker or just weird person I am :p had to get our Muay Thai instructor to repeatedly kick me in the right side of my ribs to “balance” things out after a while of consistently getting hit on the left lol. I hit up some ground game with Joe Lauzon and the awesome people at Lauzon’s MMA where not only everyone was so helpful and great, J-LO as they call him (which for realsies makes me giggle) made things unbelievably simple to learn and pick up. I hope to get in there again before I leave 🙂 I also FINALLY got to meet and train with someone I REALLY look up to and admire, fitness girl turned mma fighter Tisha “lil bully”Rodrigues who is even more beautiful in person, inside and out! First up was a conditioning class than we hit the mats with her and her husband. Super good people and as always, I learned a lot. I believe they mentioned they will be opening up their own place soon so keep your peepers peeled. I have wanted to get a LEGIT fight in for a very long time and will keep trying and training and pushing for it. Who knows if I will continue with it after the fact but I won’t let anyone make that decision FOR me just as I won’t let those who didn’t believe me, listen, put their crap on me, put words in my mouth, doubted me or who were just douchebags keep me from doing what I want to do, how I want to do it and all that other ish. I won’t put up with being run through cardio or circuits all of the time just because. I have put up with way too much crap and too many girls do too. Just because someone is a girl does not mean they are looking to just get skinny by doing cardio kickboxing or “circuits and metabolic” work :p this happens to a lot of girls I know. Maybe I will fight (mma I mean bc God knows…), maybe I won’t and all of this will take me on a different path, who knows but I will be the one to make that ultimate decision so suck it! 😉 I also think people who tell me that I can’t do both mma and physique competitions that you too can suck it. I do what I want lol and I enjoy both so I will do both.  Obviously you can’t hit the stage with bruises, cuts, scraps but you sure can do both and look and feel great. This past competition I was busting my ass doing both and I didn’t do any extremes, felt great AND was still performing well. I do fitness model category for a reason and quite honestly if you don’t like my physique or my tattoos or my whatever, well I don’t want to work with or for you anyways 😉 I am ALWAYS looking to improve and learn but no extremes, no drugs, no feeling like ass! Yes I have insecurities, everyone does, but I don’t PRETEND that I don’t and cut up others because of MY issues like so many do. I hold myself to too high of MY own standard but have learned to also accept me and never did hold my worth in my physical appearance. I LOVE being on stage or being the centre of attention, I won’t pretend I don’t. I will say that one of THE biggest “comfort zone” things for me is to be half naked in heels on stage being completely put out to be judged. That is a big part of why I do it, because it is so uncomfortable for me. In any other way, I don’t really care, but half naked in heels being judged and compared, that is tough but I will keep working at it to kick “its” ass 😉 If ya want to be a performer/entertainer…Now don’t assume that I am shallow or vain and narcissistic because that has nothing to do with it. I have said it before and will say it again, people want to be a part of cool things and listen to those who do and are and well, I want to help change the world and want to be one of the good people out there using things to get people to listen to legit things (and the ND  thing WILL happen too)

Btw I just wanted to throw out there too how much I miss everyone at Ho Shin Sool 🙁 I learned so much there and most of all, I was respected and treated as such there too. THAT is a rareity for women and that is a damn shame and is also one of the MANY things I want to SO greatly help change!

—-> me and Lil Bully 🙂

Oh I have to end this with giving a shout out to one of my new favourite playlands too called Caribiners. This place has rings, places for flips, tons of things like ropes, chains, rockwalls etc to climb, a tight rope, weights…lots of toys and places to play. Seriously sooo much fun! I am heading back to Ontario soon but I will see what else I can fit in adventure-wise while I am here and am SO beyond grateful to those of you, you know who you all are, who are helping me experience these amazing things 😉

This pretty muc…

This pretty much sums it up 😉

I have been preparing for a zombie attack or the apocalypse for many years. (I don’t really believe that, that would just be crazy…or would it 😉 woohahahaha) I have been building my army of vicious Melissciousness and it’s coming…stay tuned! #LivingLegit (I mean really, why do you think I want you all to be holistically strong, fit and healthy 😉 )