>This past Saturday at the SAF/ OPA show, I was reminded of why I am so in love with this industry. There is, like any industry, a LOT of politics and ugliness involved, but at the cusp of it [...]
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>I often read these little “rants or battles” between organizations and just brush it off but in all honesty it it upsets the hell out of me. I remember when I first saw a fitness [...]
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>Shoulder Workout

>Okay I am not one who is gifted in the shoulder area when it comes to proportions and size. I have been through just about every type of training but was given some advice from Jim Morris ( [...]
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>Great Weekend!

> This past weekend turned out to be quite eventful! I was invited to a Toronto Blue Jays game with VIP box seats and a fun night out on the town with none other than UFC’s Dan [...]
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