>Back to basics

>I have been struggling a LOT lately and while I have done it in the past, I can’t seem to get ME back. I know better with a lot of things and am reverting back to the basics.For my [...]
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>Some new goals

>I am just about to head off to do my gym workout than am sparring and doing some boxing training. I am in a rush (big surprise with me ;p) but wanted to sort of make public some of my new [...]
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>Today was the first day I started training with Jordan and Tommy at Launch http://www.welovelaunch.com/launchpad-testimonial.htm . For me, my passion is Muay Thai but I figure that if they [...]
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>Just because…

>I tend to write a lot (or train ridiculously too hard) as a way to deal with things. Both are ways that I release and today I wrote something for my sister. Our relationship is kinda [...]
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> Exotic Skin Shop – Andrew Butler Artist and tattooist Telephone: 519 742 1020 Location: 398 King E Kitchener, ON, N2G 2L5 GPS Coordinates: 43.4470099, -80.4827702 I had the priviledge [...]
> If you are on Facebook please show me your support by joining the group The Ultimate Fitness Contest on Facebook. http://www.ufeshows.com/ Vote for me by putting “vote” under my [...]
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>Great Legs!

> Ok so I am asked time and time again about my legs (apparently they’re good lol). The funny thing is is that my legs have always been my “nemesis” as far as body parts go [...]
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