>Yesterday’s workout or something like it LOL

>Iso-lateral Squats 6 reps x 3 sets each leg

Iso-lateral DL x 6 reps s/s with chain back peddles x 3

Walking KB Presses 8 reps s/s with chain back peddles x 3

B.O. Pronated grip Rows 8 reps x 2 to 6 reps x2 s/s with Prowler Pushes

Wide-Grip Chins s/s with Prowler Pushes

Finished with 5 to 1 of DB Hammer Curl to Presses

Having Tommy to actually SEE where (assess) how I am fuc#$d up is great because while I can FEEL where my weaknesses and imbalances are, that only gets you so far. It is so important regardless of your own experience or expertise, to have someone assess you and help you with your “rehabbing” and proper training mechanics especially when you are doing heavy training with a pretty tough goal in mind 😉 Also to have Darrin telling me when I look good enough to hit the stage and do shoots is great because he is honest and well, I am my own worst critic and without him, I may never do it again LOL. He really does a lot for the girls he works with and I am so greatful to have his support and encouragement…through it ALL! 🙂

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