Thrusters with Prowler Pushes

Ring Pull-ups with Chain Sprints

KB High Cleans with Prowler Pushes

Hammer Curls with Chain Sprints

BB Shoulder presses altn front and reverse with Prowler Pushes

(sled pulls with prowler pushes in there too lol)

Combat Training incorporated more reactive work which I always love. I think too much and it affects my skill level and in all honesty, I literally have to be thrown into it or I won’t progress. I am used to (conditioned enough) to being hit LOL so while Tommy is a much bigger, stronger and faster, it will only help me improve. My hip flexors are still overly tight but we are working on it and I do my best to stretch the shit out of myself too. My hip mobility is slowly getting better but I still have a long way to go with ALL of my injuries.

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