Within My Reach

Commit this to memory I love what you do

When your pushing and pulling your beats jamming right thru

No one can do what you do when you slide up on it

Feeling your heat when you move, never can say goodbye or quit it

Don`t make me wait for your luvin, time`s passing too fast

I wasn`t your first but I will be your last

Two stepping, side tracking, moving a few steps back

But this love we`ve found will never stay off track

Arms that embrace and hold me safe, so tight

I can`t take another hour away, another lonely night

Across a thousand rivers, oceans and lakes

I will swim for you, I will do whatever it takes

To feel you again, have you within my grasp

One last moment together, that is all I ask

As long as you keep on stepping up I will step up too

No matter how hard it gets, I will always be there for you

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