>Why Fighter 4 Fitness?

>Fighter 4 fitness is what I chose for my blog and site because both are my passions. I am passionate about fitness, and about fighting for the underdog, fighting for causes and people that I believe in, fighting any and every obstacle that comes my way. I grew up fighting. Not in a ring or cage or dojo but on the streets. I have literally fought to save my life numerous times and have always been the one to jump in when someone was being bullied, threatened or beaten. Not sure where exactly my “fight” comes from but it is in me. I have faultered and fallen several times in my life and in all honesty, probably will a lot more, but even when I feel like giving in, I just can’t do it. I have passion in EVERYTHING that I do, which often times I think gets me misread and sometimes in some kind of trouble, but anything I say or do ALWAYS comes from a good place. Now don’t for one second think that I condone violence or anything because that is definitely not the case. I believe in using your mind before your fists and that violence is actually a pretty ridiculous thing. So why do I love to hit things and people (in a cage, ring etc.)? I really don’t know LOL ;p It is certainly an awesome workout and a way to release tension and aggression but it is so much more. It is so cathartic! I think that if a desire and passion and love to fight comes from the right place, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is a sanctioned fight and not just some bullshit bar brawl. I want to be able to be a role model someday to girls (and guys, hey I don’t discriminate lol 😉 to show them that they don’t have to take shit when it is thrown their way. They don’t have to conform to what others want them to be, just BE themselves on their own terms. They don’t have to sit back and wait for someone to take care of them and to save them, they can be their own heroes! This is a big one too…don’t cling to an unhappy relationship because you think that man will get you ahead, or compromise your integrity for the same reason. Do it yourself and keep your self respect. I see girls doing this all the time and it breaks my heart. They can have anything they want in life if they work hard and put themselves and their needs first. Not saying be selfish, not at all, but if you don’t take care of yourself first, you can never be anything to anyone. I want them to know that if they have passion for something, go for it and fight for what they believe in and for what they know in their hearts THEY want in life. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn but want to put myself out there for those who may be able to relate. I want to show women that being smart and strong is what makes you sexy not the material you wear or car you drive. Oh, and I also want to show women that it is ok to want to KICK SOME ASS regardless of what the haters say 😉

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