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History Projects and Protects the Future

I learned recently that my dad was a big hippie when he was younger. It doesn’t surprise me from what I know of him and that actually makes my heart smile. My Pop is definitely the one who instilled the great things I am passionate about and that was reaffirmed conclusively (thank you for that Connie). Alas, one instance where I am happy that part of my history has been projected unto me to help protect my future 😉

What I mean is that while I have always seen the excitement and progressiveness of urbanization/gentrification and all that it entails, as being a part of my future, my ingrained upbringing, present life and research (1,2,3), supports that it should never exist at the expense of our most important asset; holistic health.

Nature Nurtures

Aside from the fact that nature is beautiful and that exercise is pretty much the greatest gift, we now pretty conclusively know that optimal levels of vitamin D are also necessary to good health. Vitamin D you can get for free by getting out into nature, although this is yet another free health-promoting resource being taken from us by the lack of green for the grandiose greed of now excessive industrialization and urbanizing. Alright, small rant over 😉

There still exist many reasons for getting outside in nature to nurture yourself and some places are fighting back with green spaces, community gardens, and outdoor exercise equipment. From getting the D, to improved breathing capacity,

the motivational and accountability aspect that can come from others outdoors, the positive mental effects of serotonin and the sun (4), and let us not forget the great people you can meet (my face here though lol):

To Sum Up

We are made up of, and created by the sum of all parts of our past and present. We are wholly affected by our environments and part of that is meant to be quite literal in that I speak of us all needing to get out into green environments more often to move, lift heavy things, press, throw, bike, climb, run, play…to help feed our whole.

Holy that was a lot of usage of the word whole 😀



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