>Whatever happened to ethics? (my 1 o’clock rant ;p)

>It honestly astounds me that so many athletes just TRAIN and don’t know even the first thing about the importance of good nutrition and proper supplementation as needed for performance, recovery and most importantly, overall health!Here is just another piece to prove it and don’t just do as your told, learn and ask questions or get a different coach/trainer!

I find that the more I get involved with athletes, the more shocked I am at their complete disregard for paying attention to nutrition and supplementation (sorry but what you put in your body affects how you look and perform maybe more so than your training). Yes, not EVERYONE needs an extensive list of supplements, but those who train intensely and sometimes hours at a time or several long sessions per day, do NEED supplements. I guess because I have studied all aspects of health and fitness over the years I was a little blind to how there are trainers who only train, coaches who only coach, nutritionists who only do the dietary aspects and so on. What is also highly neglected and has been for years is, what is really THE most important part, the psychological part of it all, you have to have the mental muscle even more so than the physical muscle to get real progress. I believe that there is a place for all types of people in the health, fitness, fat loss, sports performance, physique competition sector as it is about providing the right need at the right time for the right person, but in my opinion and from my experiences, the right person to help you with your goals should be well rounded in all aspects or better check their ego and be willing to provide the proper resources to help with what they may lack. This goes from the mental and physical training to the nutritional and supplementation portion and everything in between. I still have years to go to be up to the standard that I hold for myself and those I work with but this learning process, which by the way should NEVER end if you are to be exceptional, is a fun and exciting experience in the meantime. I love to learn from other people and welcome it like crazy and my intentions are only to be able to help others live better, be healthy, excel in sports performance or whatever it may be…all for a greater good not to compete with others in the field and argue who is better, knows more, who is right or wrong and all the other shit that I see (and refuse to accept in my life). Money may rule your world but I won’t let it rule mine) . For now with my plans, projects and so forth…it is all about the streamlining…;)

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