What would you do, what WILL you do?

Death and dying. These are very hard topics that most choose to avoid. They avoid it until something happens that forces them to take a look at what this could mean and what it does mean. I spend a lot of time dealing with sick and dying people as well as spending an extra three hours per week in a course discussing and learning specifically on the topics of death, dying and palliative care which had fueled some of my passions even more as well as teaching me a lot of course :).Often times these people who are forced into aggressively examining this area that IS inevitable to us all, they question what they could have done differently, did they live their life to their fullest? While death is inevitable, you can prolong your life and most importantly the livelihood in your life if you just take action now. So many of today’s diseases and illnesses are lifestyle related and it really is in our power to take some control over the inevitable. Are you a heavy smoker? Drug user? Fast food and sugar junkie? Stress-a-holic? How is your muscle mass? How do you feel about not being able to even get out of bed anymore to wash yourself, bath yourself, even take a bowel movement or urinate yourself because you had a debilitating stroke? How would you feel if you couldn’t play with your kids or grandchildren any longer because you have to be hooked up to oxygen 24-7 and the slightest bit of exertion throws you into a serious situation? How would you feel if you were so weak from sarcopenia (a degenerative loss of muscle) and brittle from osteoporosis (porous bones) that even bumping lightly into a table throws you to the ground causing you to permanently become immobile? What about having to get your feet and possible your leg amputated due to complications with diabetes? These are all things that CAN be prevented and even managed very well IF you just take action. It is never too late even if you have already been diagnosed. These don’t have to be death sentences or things that will forever take the living out of your life you can make huge changes that will keep your quality of life high. Now think about this, there are millions of people out there who would do anything to have the control that you do to live a longer and fruitful life. People who would do anything to be able to do the things that you are taking advantage of like having access to healthy foods, clean water, being able to walk, run, lift, play, breathe clean air. People who have been given some kind of sentence out of no fault of their own, maybe just an accident, a genetic disease, an environment they were born into and so on. Take control, reach out, learn about food, about exercise about behaviours, habits, psychology, de-stressing techniques and make some changes. While there is TON of garbage out there, there is also a lot of really great resources and tools (and people) to help you on the internet, at public and university/college libraries, fitness and nutrition centres, naturopathic and wellness clinics and so much more! Sure it will take time but you will have a lot more time if you DO do these things and most importantly implement them and be consistent. You really DO know what you need to do ie. not drink excessive booze, quit smoking, drink water not juice, pop and other liquid crap, say no once in a while and relax in an epsom salt bath instead of adding more to your plate, move a LOT, eat lots of produce…you don’t need some bullshit gimmick or fad being sold to “look” a certain way, it is about “feeling” a certain way and if you have never embarked before on nutritious nutrient dense eating and exercise, just take that for now and run with it! It takes patience but it is better to have patience than to have to BE a patient.

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