Want to look five pounds lighter?

If you had one exercise that could help you excel in athletics by training the kinetic chain, give you a firm butt, help you look at least five pounds lighter, help you perform everyday activities with greater ease and prevent injury, wouldn’t you do it?

Well my friends, that single exercise is the deadlift and that kinetic chain is your posterior kinetic chain.

While there are many variations as well as many tools to use for the deadlift, I will focus on the standard barbell deadlift and give you a quick rundown on why training your posterior kinetic chain with this exercise is of the utmost importance – not just for athletics but for general living as well.

The deadlift is quite honestly in my opinion something that everyone should have and prioritize in their training regime, regardless of your goals. You may vary the tempo, rest, sets and so on, but there is not a person out there that wouldn’t benefit from this exercise.

The deadlift is a multi-joint movement that works some serious muscle mass and equates to a greater functionality in everyday activities from lifting your kids to getting off the toilet! The huge amount of muscle used during a deadlift is also great for fat loss not only during your workout  because of the caloric expenditure and hormonal response, but even more so in the overall scheme of things as the more lean mass you have, the more fat you’ll burn.

First let’s address what makes up your PKC.

In the most simple terms, your PKC is made up of all of those muscles that you can’t see directly in the mirror – from your butt and hamstrings to your back. It is vitally important to address these muscles with exercises like deadlifts as people typically only train those muscles they can see, which leads to imbalances and injury.

These posterior muscles are important for any sport as anything that requires a forward force, jumping, plyometric movement or really any kind of torque, requires a solid base of strength from the surrounding hip musculature or in the case of throwing and catching movements, the posterior muscles of the upper body protect against injuries.

The PKC is also something that can make you look and actually be at least five pounds lighter when coupled with a good nutrition plan and of course more exercise than just deadlifting.

These are your postural muscles and standing up taller and in perfect alignment with balanced muscle mass will immediately make that lower belly pooch seem smaller. Standing up with good posture your belly will not only slightly disappear but you will just look longer and leaner too.

The deadlift also simulates lifestyle movements. Think of picking anything up off of the ground, groceries, furniture, boxes etc. – you are deadlifting! So now that you hopefully grasp how this exercise can benefit just about anyone in any activity, here is a quick rundown of how to perform the barbell deadlifts:


With feet flat beneath the bar, squat down and grasp the bar with hands shoulder-width or slightly wider and an overhand or mixed grip.


Lift the bar by extending the hips and knees to full extension. Pull the shoulders back at the top of the lift, if rounded. Return by bending knees forward slightly while allowing hips to bend back behind, keeping the back straight and knees pointed same direction as your feet. Repeat.

Throughout the lift, keep your hips low, shoulders high, arms and back straight. Your knees should point in the same direction as your feet throughout the movement. Keep the bar close to your body to improve mechanical leverage.

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