Wanna see a nasty head kick?

Imagine the lives of two people resting in your hands. Imagine having from hundreds to millions of dollars gained or lost teetering on your single decision, your one course of action and your split second judgement calls. Imagine having so many hate on you for you simply doing your job. I am sure that there are many people that come to mind when I ask you to envision these things but would you ever guess that I am actually speaking of an MMA referree?

I do my best to be empathic towards anyone and try to put myself in their shoes and yup there have been times when I have wanted to give a smack up side the head of some refs. After this weekend’s MMA Referee Solutions course with (ahem) referee extraordinaire. (just for you Kevin if you ever read this 😉 lol naww you DO rock a LOT :)) Kevin MacDonald, I have a new found greater level of respect for these guys and girls part being the serious amount of knowledge and quick decisiveness they need to do their jobs. I also now have and even greater level of knowledge and understanding of the entirety of the sport and that which surrounds it as well as what the refs go through, have to put up with and all of that other jazz funk and soul (whaaat?):p

Now I really didn’t go into this with the anticipation of passing. Sure I’ve got some decent KSA’S (that lil ole acronym stands for knowledge skills and abilities) but I went to learn and of course network. Well I actually did ace the first part so yeah me 😀 but I have yet and always will, have so much to learn. I had a different goal in mind with doing this, one being to of course help my biz 😉 but I am actually pretty impressed how well I did considering that out of about 10 people, all of which were dudes besides me, only three actually passed and oh yeah, see my above comment nukkas. I will be back to pass the test though when I know I am actually ready but what a kick bootay experience Kevin gave.

In case you were wondering some of the things we learned…this right here is NOT allowed LOL!!!

If you are looking to step up YOUR ksa’s or want to see if reffing is something you would be down for, sign up NOOOWWW 😉 Seriously though, these refs have a tough gig and with their biggest job being to protect the fighters, go easier on them next time you think a call was less than stellar or if you wanted to see it go to the death to get your money’s worth or whatever, it’s a tough gig! Show ’em some love 😉 (seriously there are waaay too many smiley faces in this post 🙂 😀

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