>W.E.A.P.O.N the series with a p.s. at the end

> I am soooo honored and greatful and lucky to be the first chosen to be a part of this awesome show! I can’t wait to meet all of the people involved and most of all, to learn! Yes, I am a nervous and a bit scared but totally in a good way 😉 Thank you to my good friend Nelson for helping me with the audition video and to Marc Lebert for allowing us to do it at his gym (yes I may have said those thank you’s but it warrants repeating lol) and thank you to the crew of WEAPON for taking this chance on me xoxoxo. I will be posting more details when I have them but for now…stay tuned! Oh and p.s. if you are going to be at the Arnold’s this year, come by the Grizzly Fitness booth and say hi!


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