United we MUST stand 2

Silence protects injustice, open up and set it free

Listen and stand up regardless of indemnity

Brutal beatings, by hand, machine, by voice

Evil has no discretion, no preferred weapon of choice

No race, creed, gender or lifestyle will shadow the fight

To take on for those who can’t but who all deserve what’s right

A fire within the belly, a purpose felt so long ago

A mission of sacrifice will be the only thing to know

The only place we know is here and together we must share

The battle is not lost no matter how far we’ve drifted, if we just remember to care.

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2 thoughts on “United we MUST stand

  • K.Mulholland

    I love the poem…it is perfect…like you! ) United we will always stand..I will not allow anything less! Thank you Melissa..I am always here..standing stronger daily thanks to you..and silent no longer..thank you for standing by me too! 🙂 No matter how evil tries..I’ve got too much Irish inside…you can not kill the Irish it’s true…they die only when they choose to..we live long..lol 🙂 Then there’s the other mix in my blood making me stubborn as well..lord what a combo 🙂 Take care – always here!

  • melisscioust

    It was a shorty but even the few lines just came in my head so had to jot them down 🙂 Thank you Kim for always being amazing, inspiring ME, standing by ME and being one of the people to remind me of the beauty of the human spirit. And yes the Irish are stubborn and relentless lol Take care too and keep in touch always! xox