>Ultimate Fighting Fit Certification

Over the weekend I was at the Fitness Kickboxing Canada certification to be an Ultimate Fighting Fit Instructor. It was so much fun! I am just trying to learn as much as I can to help others achieve their goals while also learning (and re-learning) great new tips and techniques that help me as well. Everyone has something to offer and I so enjoy even participating in these things. I will most likely be doing my bootcamps soon too if time allows so stay tuned 😉 We also were put through the drills and techniques so I got a pretty good feel for how to scale the workouts accordingly for those who are beginners, injured or otherwise. Here was what parts of our day looked like (most of this is done with a partner) :

Agility Rope Drills (also did some “cardio” work with the ropes singles, doubles, upper-cuts, crossovers):

Bodyweight strength work:
pushup and rolls
wheel barrow walk
shoulder push ups
piggy back squats

FKCI On-the-ropes-training system
Oblique Pulls
Punching drills…jabs, crosses
Hammer Strikes
Seated Row push-pulls
Seated Tug-of-war (altn.lateral)
Lying ab pullovers
The Plough

FKCI Ultimate Conditioning Bag
Around the worlds
Knee Strikes
Hammer Strikes

Focus Pad work

Kick Bag work with sprawls and burpees

Ground Work (some ground and pound with the bags) Floor Striking:
straight punches, hooks, elbows/forearms, hammer fists, knee strikes, roll combos …mixed with some partner assisted wheel barrels, crawls, drop and rolls, some offensive and defensive techniques…

Oh and we learned the superman punch 🙂

That is the gist of it but wayyy more was involved and it was a blast! I love when training is like playing.

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