>UFE Nationals

>This past Saturday was the UFE Nationals in Hamilton Ontario. I love how entertaining the UFE shows are and how it is always fun and energetic…always a good time :D. The day show is for those who want to qualify to compete in the night show which has some of the top athletes who have earned their spot already to compete in the elite show be it in a UFE show, or even from another show like the awesome Dickens Lambert IDFA pro and ALLMAX athlete. I love to see all the hard work everyone puts into being on stage as well as what goes into running the shows. It is so motivating on so many levels for me and there is always something I learn. It is such a pleasure to meet new people too and be able to help make such a special day a little bit easier for people however small my duty may be :). I am so in love with the fact that it seems Fitness is making a major comeback here. That is what first inspired me to compete. The chills I got from the first time I saw those beautiful,strong and athletic girls jumping and dancing around just sent me on a mission that I have yet to fulfill. That has been my goal for so long, to do an actual fitness routine or to compete in something like the old Galaxy competitions. I only compete with myself but I do find it a bit hard to be compared SOLELY on my appearance when I do these shows. That’s not what I’m about though so it’s ok. I admire any and everyone from bikini, figure, to the fitness athletes who simply step on stage but if I am going to be judged, I want that to be on something more than just how I look. I am about so much more than that. Fitness and the obstacle courses just have so much more that appeals to me and that is my goal for next years competition circuit. I have been doing what I can to brush up and to learn all the aspects I need to to be the best I can be for the performance but I am doing this on my own for the most part so it may not happen until the end of the season next year, we will see. I am also still in training for another few things so that has to take precedence but they all sort of mesh well so that is awesome.

Back to the show lol…the athletes from the day show brought it and the night show most certainly did as well…even more so! All in all a good time and I even learned some very valuable things too 😉 Up next is the OPA London ON Championships which I believe is the last show for the year and it will be awesome. Hope to see you there!

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