UFC 157

Tonight I stopped by Warrior Fight Store and there was a lovely lady in there buying some kickboxing gear. As always, there were fights rolling on the suspended tv and while Chris was helping her out in the fabulous way he does, I sat in the leather couch and watched the fights. The topic of UFC 157 came up as no surprise and all I did was bite my tongue…at least until I couldn’t any longer. I mentioned to the lovely lady to check out Invicta as she had never seen women fighting in mma before Rousey and Carmouche. Than, as I opened my mouth again :p. I have halted on my posting anything on my take of the first ever women’s fight in the UFC because to be honest, I am a little hot headed sometimes (ooooh surprise surprise right:P) and wanted to pump my brakes and chill a little bit. I have been a huge supporter of women fighting in the UFC or ANY mixed martial arts bouts for that matter for a long time. I love combat sports and am inspired by strong women. I myself have wanted to do this for a very long time and maybe I should have blogged about it all along the way, the sacrifices I’ve made, the crapola I put up with, the mental and physical pain, the training and so on but I didn’t for several reasons, and the ALL of the awesome people and experiences. Please do not for one second think that I don’t know others have suffered, sacrificed and worked harder, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m JUST saying ;)anyhoo I guess it is time to close that chapter :P. Now, if you know me, you know how much I was NOT a fan of Brock Lesnar being champ in the UFC for several reasons and how irritated I would get to even hear his name lol. Well, let’s just say, Rousey is my female version of Lesnar. Of course I can’t really say anything because it IS sports entertainment after all and I don’t REALLY know her on a uber personal level to truly say, but, she reminds me of the head cheerleader character in the movie Mean Girls, so yeah, not a fan. I totally respect her as an athlete and she is wicked badass and skilled, but that is where it ends for me.

Me and a few of my girlfriends got together to watch UFC 157 and I am pretty sure they are now totally convinced that I am nuts lol. I can honestly say that I had that “lift a car over your head” kind of adrenaline going through me when Liz got caught in the armbar and Rowdy won. (Sidenote: My call was right on how she caught the others so quickly with her having the strength over them which was evident when Liz managed to pull out the first time. I was also informed otherwise and I can’t confirm this or not but I believe that Carmouche had a strategy with keeping her arms behind her head when she was on the ground to protect them from getting caught. I know I have been caught having one of them out and it just made sense to me that that was a strategic move but I guess I will never really know lol. ) I was furious and I guess it was partly because I felt like the “mean bully girl” won. I hated that but what I hated even more was the thought of what got women recognized and IN the UFC, at least as Chris helped point out to me tonight which I didn’t want to accept, is only from one perspective. I have wanted women fighting in the biggest mma promotion for a long time because dammit, it is deserved and most of the women fights I have seen have been more entertaining than some of the top paid male fighters so wtf!?! Now my perspective of how women got in is this and is why I was infuriated and needed to chill the fuck out before posting anything. Here is how I watched and saw things go down, even from back when Carano was “the face of women’s mma”. Once again I saw women HAVING to be sexy and personified as such to get any support or recognition. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with sexuality, posing tastefully, not Hustler nude, or otherwise (omg do you even know me???? lol) BUT when in a sport, when the women who are just as, if not more so, skilled are not getting the same respect, recognition, perks and such simply because they are not, by society’s terms, “sexy” or marketable as such, that irritates me. This is a sport NOT a fucking beauty contest. You cannot deny that even though it is wicked awesome that women are FINALLY getting some props, that sex didn’t have a part in it. If there were no girls who looked like Rousey or Carano but were just wicked fighters, do you think there would have been any chance of it happening? That’s what I thought and that is what got me so irate. The fact that Liz wasn’t getting the same press or props even though she clearly worked just as hard (or why would she have been the contender??) I just can’t agree with. Like I said, I have no problem with being a sexy bitch lol but from my perspective, that was used a little more (but thankfully as pointed out here: http://www.realwomenandmensmma.com/2013/02/dont-get-me-wrong-im-happy-women-are-in.html that there wasn’t too over the top (did you see how flimsy Rousey’s top was btw:p) sexually explicit stuff to pump up the fight other than the nude Sports Illustrated shoot but hey, I would do it lol like anyone would ask but whatever lol)

I am so unbelievably happy that women are finally getting noticed and (somewhat) respected and while it has come so far already, there is still a long way to go. Both Ronda and Liz are unreal athletes and I just wish that it was that that was emphasized and what really grabbed the attention but unfortunately that is just my perspective and not society’s…or at least Dana’s. Business is business 😛 Okay I am over it now and will just be happy that women are fighting in the UFC. Now just broaden the categories and make more opportunities for girls who want it ie. Women’s Ultimate Fighter…just saying 😉

(I don’t even know if my point came across here from BOTH perspectives but I hope it did as this was meant to be more unbiased than my rant at the fights or my milder one in the store tonight lol)

Did I mention this is the greatest sport ever?

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