UFC 152 Media Day at Xtreme Couture

If you are reading this, there is no doubt you are aware that UFC 152 is going down this Saturday here in Toronto. There are press conferences and media events going on all over the place but this past Wednesday at Xtreme Couture-Toronto, there was a huge media day with open workouts featuring none other than some of  the fighters themselves.  From Vitor Belfort

showing his long time passion and respect for the sport AND for his opponents, to Micheal Bisping (and Yaaah there’s Showdown Joe in the left hand corner. Love that guy, always so upbeat!)

being the ass that can be expected of him (in my humble opinion anyway 😉 ) who actually had a spectator thrown out for some verbal blows that apparently hit him harder errr maybe not, than the blows that had him lose his last bout against Sonnen. Really? The guy was a bit of a douche chirping his mouth off but Bisping, if you let  someone that trivial get to you, you are probably in for it on Saturday…just sayin’ 😉 . From the moment I got to the event I was beside a gentlemen that I now know as Clayton Joseph and aside from us shooting the breeze about our similar passion for the sport of mma, we discussed (and I ranted) about the happenings or lack there-enough-of and the some of our perceived issues on the women’s side of the sport and he was also wicked enough to send me some footage of Jon Jones throwing and kicking some combos  after my cameras died.I posted the videos on my facebook if you’re interested 🙂

Aside from Showdown Joe , Charles Rock of MMACanada.net, Ariel Helwani MMA journalist and host at on Fuel TV and and CTV News were all there covering the event, along with that dude with the big fake nose who does that Brazilian show but I don’t remember the name. Oh let us not  forget that out in full force with flashing camera in hand was MMA’s sexy photographer extraordinaire, Miss Tracy Lee. Needless to say, good times and I am sure there is a TON of coverage for you if you couldn’t make it out.  I can’t wait for the fights on Saturday!!!!

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