>UFC 129!!!

>I am so unbelievably excited and so grateful to Candice Kay and the peeps at Tapout/Tapout Energy for having myself and the gorgeous girls Simone Sinclaire,Crystal Kenny,Carol Lama,Lisa M Karn,Nadine Young, Karen Gallagher and Nancy DiNino (and of course Candice lol)as a part of the UFC 129 Event/Expo and the Official UFC party at Musik Saturday night!I can’t even describe how kick ass this weekend will be aside from this sheer wickedness…the fight lineup is UNREAL!!!Toronto will never be the same! What can I say about GSP that I haven’t already (in my blog even lol) this dude is just insanely sic…seriously is there anything he can’t do lol. Mark Hominick is one hell of an amazing fighter with awesome stand up and endurance and everytime I have ever had the pleasure to cross paths with him…SUPER nice guy! I am not just being biased because they are Canadian but yeah they are both gonna kick bootay! Than of course you have another fellow Canadian Mark Bocek who’s fiery red hair matches the fire in his belly you can see what he’s in the octagon…yeah I just wrote that and I am just as embarrassed at my uber lameness lol. Claude Patrick is yet another Canuck who I am sure will be taking it home too. I have been following his strength and conditioning coach Eric Wong www.ericwongmma.com along with a few other great coaches like Jonathan Chaimberg http://adrenalineperformancecenter.com/, Martin Rooney http://www.trainingforwarriors.com/to name a few, for some time now cuz yeah I wanna do that shizz I am obsessed and just wanna learn whatever I can :D!!! Then of course the myth, the man, the legend, hall of famer Randy Couture who I am sure will pummel Machida :). Anyhoo, it is time for some zzz’s to dream of the asswhooptastical weekend of yeahhhhhs that is in my forseable future! Come to the UFC expo to mingle with fighters, ring girls, company reps and a ton of other way cool people with the same passions as you :)Check the link below for what’s happening all around the GTA and at the Expo



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