Tried tested and true…

In case you didn’t guess,

I am truly blessed.

Sure life’s had it’s moments that were a mess,

But I digress.

Risked it all more times than I can count,

Isn’t that what life’s about,

Learning from mistakes, no matter the amount

Rise above? No doubt!

Loved ones, tried, tested and true,

Best gifts I’ve been given, strength came from you.

Listened, laughed, no talk just do,

Angels on Earth? Who knew?

Shared moments, shared hugs, shared nights,

Adventures, stories of greatness and strife.

Looking forward, pressing on, keeping positive sights,

Together we’ll sore, like meteors, like kites.

Is this the end or a new beginning,

Don’t think I don’t see you smiling, grinning.

Why? Because we fight on, end result? Us winning,

They live to get, our motto about giving.

Grateful for you and all you have done,

Attacked the barriers with me , did not run.

Champion being, one in a million,

The laughs, the good times, the unforgettable fun.

No matter the distance,

We can overcome any resistance.

Belief, faith, whatever the instance

Blessed is no one more than I for the courage you gave me for my perseverance.

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