Training Fixes to Keep You in the Game

Whether you are an actual athlete who plays a sport at any level, a weekend warrior type, someone who just wants to look better and be healthier, prevent and treat disease, or a 75 year old woman who just wants to function at her prime, there are ways for you to reap the benefits of exercise, resistance training and movement. This post is for those a bit more of the athletic type or intermediate/advanced trainees but I want the entire WORLD to know that training of all kinds is essential to life and most importantly, living! This is one of many small training fixes to keep you in the game of life, or sport ;D

It is so crucial to change up your training. Once you hit a certain level, you have to not only engage in activities in different planes of motion, use different modalities and possibly tools, but even things like changing grips and angles on your basic go-to exercises needs to be considered. There is a LOT that goes in to long-term programming it is so challenging and fun!
I love deadlifts, really there isn’t a person out there who shouldn’t…no seriously! Over the years I have used different ways to do this lift as well as changing up tools, but my go to has been the regular RDL or Romanian Deadlift. I would switch up my grips on this lift from pronated (palms facing you grip), to a mixed grip (one hand pronated, one supinated which is palm up/away) for extra strength but not consistently enough I think but my reasons will surely be different than yours for needing to change this up.

images (1) <——- Mixed Grip

Most people tend to already live in or play/train in a forward focused way. Slouching over, smashing or throwing in a forward direction, propelling in a forward direction, you get the picture. Sure you probably offset the normal repercussions of your lifestyle and sport with lifting. You probably have been focusing on your derriere with awesome exercises like the deadlift, but even this exercise that I think is the most amazing, can worsen the kyphotic posture (think hunchback of Notre Dame) if not balanced. Like I said, there are so many variables to training’s complexity especially as you get more advanced which makes it all so much cooler (and confusing!)

With a proper deadlift (whatever proper means to YOU and YOUR body and goals) you ideally want the lift to be predominantly glutes/hamstrings/upper back. Over time, or for some even in the beginning, you may have, or can even develop a limiting factor (like weaker traps, rhomboids, scapular retractors etc) that will have you being pulled forward stretching and weakening your upper back. This will not only mean less weight lifted, but it will give you that hunched posture and make you more prone to injuries. This is where switching up your grip every week or even every second deadlift session, can possibly make huge improvements for you.

The palms up/out grip will have you lifting less than you normally would but it will help you to focus and engage your overly stretched lats, mid back and shoulder muscles. This means better muscle balance and probably a lesser chance of injury down the road too, maybe not even related to this lift. (Below is the reverse grip)

Regardless of where you are at, what your goals are, if you have injuries, limitations, are 13 or 83, there are ways to train and there is a need for variety of all kinds over your YEARS of consistent work. Recovery methods are a must and yeah you really do have to embrace it now (ahem especially when you know better :p) but I have included below for you a few modifications I have made through my training with injuries aside from adding in the reverse grip deadlift more. I am doing a trap bar deadlift and a squat using a lower positioning. These keep me doing what I love even if my loads are less for now and hopefully some of this post will help you to keep doing what you love or even get you started! This journey I have been on is actually pretty cool which took me a long time to even think let alone write/say. It has mentally been and still is one of the hardest battles I have had yet to face :p but in all things in life you just keep going!

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