Toronto Pro Show – Oxygen and MuscleMag Model Search

What an awesome weekend I had and I am sure it was the same for many others who took part in the Toronto Pro Show. Whether you were a spectator, a vendor or a competitor, the show was filled with all kinds of excitement and fun. There was media from all over the place taking pictures and video from not only the magazines like Oxygen, MuscleMag, Inside Fitness, Muscle Insider, Reps, Flex but the awesome Steven J. Wong was out filming for what I am guessing is his AntiAgeMe film as well. There were bouts of boxing, professional wretlers, nutrition, sport supplements and clothing booths, a jump rope show, an endangered species show, IFBB Pro shows, of course the Oxygen and MuscleMag model searches and SO much more going on. It was my first time getting to this particular show and it was sort of a last minute (about a month out) decision to actually compete on stage. With a little more time and direct focus on the aesthetic training and eating vs performance, I could’ve been tighter but I felt good and I had so much fun! To be honest, I couldn’t have even gotten up there without JWFoods meal plans to save me lol! I didn’t do any extremes or hardcore dieting, no fat burners or weird things and no excessive training beyond what I already normally excessively do :p That is my vice. Not because I am trying to “burn calories” or don’t comprehend the importance of rest and recovery, training just is my “saviour” with a lot of things and I LOVE MOVING SO MUCH!!! (always working on that balance thing and hell at least I am honest about it!) I have different goals with these things than most do so I am happy although I have and always will have SO much to work on and learn and improve at…like a lot lol  :). I will post more pictures as I get some but to be honest, because I was competing, I didn’t get to take too many :p The only one I have right now is this one my girlfriend took of me on stage in one of the lineups (there were a ton of girls!) HA guess which one is me lol.


I also want to thank the amazing Dr. Matt Bortolussi of Vellore Chiropractic and Wellness because I never would have been able to even stand let alone walk in the heels I was wearing (obviously not seen here lol) without him. I had my suits done by the awesome Karen of KHP Designs and my hair, makeup and tanning was like nothing I have had before…soooooo good, by CherryDolls and the picture here is me even after I slept on it and had to step back on stage the next day (sorry I am not good at selfies :p)


Getting up there on stage being compared to these girls is THE hardest thing for me to do. That is why I keep doing it. I don’t like comfort zones and can’t stand not tackling things that challenge me. Sure it will take me forever to get what I am working on done, but when it is, you will understand a lot more about me and my motives and who I am, where I come from. Why? I hope to inspire xox Okay so back to reality and I am off to train and work! Have a kick ass day and remember that the only one holding you back is you. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and accept you for who you are.

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