>Today’s workout (p.s. I only half mean it when I swear at you TC lol)

>Why oh why can’t I just take my own common sense and run with it??? It is so easy to tell others and make shit work for them but when it comes to me lately, fawgettabawtit!;p Anyhoo….here was the workout for today (at Launch):

Warmup was a barbell complex w.o. weight, just the Obar x 2 /10reps

Hang Clean
Push Press

Heavy DL sets superset with 60secs jump squats x 4

HBB Rows superset with my lame ass attempt at TRX inverted rows x 4

HBB Back Squats superset with tire jumps 60 secs x 4

Clean and Press superset with Prowler Push for time (60secs) x 3

Cooldown consisted of me pacing like an animal LOL and light resistance biking.

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