>Today’s HTS and news…

>Nice little warmup with a light barbell complex followed by a push/ pull type of workout with heavy emphasis on the negative and some energy system work. With my next show in a few days it is ultimately the goal to deplete the glycogen stores, maximize fat loss with minimal inflammation that can occur if you incorporate “heavy workloads”.

Push Press with Prowler sprints

Negative TRX pullups with Prowler sprints

Negative Push ups with Prowler Sprints

Feeling good and energy levels are still great. I am still incorporating a lot of fascial release and stretching which is helping a ton but I do still have some nagging injuries but working on that too 😉 Staying positive and excited for this Saturday and I keep practicing my visualization and meditative work to slow me down but keep me going strong.

Also, looking for some good coaches/trainers in the London area contact me if you feel you have something to offer and want to learn more about what hybrid training is all about and what this entails(melissa.traynor@hotmail.com) www.hybridtrainingsystem.com. It is about alliances, education, empowerment, hard work, lifestyle change/modification through athletic performance, nutrition and other modalities. You MUST have a willingness to learn and work as a positive contributing team member and this is NOT a gym it is a training facility 😉

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