>This weeks training

>This is my week for de-loading so I have decreased the volume of my workouts and this week I have omitted my hard conditioning. This is the week I give my body a bit of a rest so I can “kill it” during training next week. This is so important to incorporate to prevent burnout and overtraining and it helps to keep you on track and mentally fit too. I am also a bit lighter on my carb intake (I DO NOT cut out this food group ever and neither should anyone, just fluctuate the quantities per daily intake)during weeks like this, as my body doesn’t need the extra fuel from carbs. On weeks like this I up my fat intake to keep my calories where they need to be while cutting my CHO to prevent my body from thinking it is in that evil starvation mode. This is also a great time for my system to suck up all of the EFA’s, beneficial cholesterols etc. and other benefits of the higher fat intake. It feels so good to be getting back to me and doing my own thing again 🙂

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