This Morning’s Random Thoughts

I was thinking this morning, as I heard yet another “you have weak glutes and a weak core”. I think that is an easy way out and said waaaay too much. Weak in comparison to what and do you know what this person or people have been doing in AND out of the gym? TBH I think I am sided with the concept of positive psychology for the majority of people and situations. Why? Because flat out telling people they suck all of the time is not a good thing IMHO (today I feel like using all kinds of acronyms so beware LOL)! Aside from that, and in relation to what I just wrote, there are a few issues I have with immediately going to that judgment or at least stating it that way (to everyone). Use the compliment sandwich more!

First of all, what do you know about the person? Do you really know why they may “suck” at something? What have they been doing or in cases of my personal nemesis NOT been doing (hello consistent self-recovery techniques)? What is their life like? The issue may not even be with the tissue (I just REALLY wanted to say issue with tissue somewhere in a post lol). Weak would mean that something needs to be strengthened. Ok that is fine and dandy but in fact sometimes you can be “too strong” in the area seemingly noted as weak not allowing for full firing at that time of “testing”. It may actually be that the opposing musculature is what is truly weak as well. I understand that things may often mean imbalances (of the muscles or nervous system) but weak alludes to a need to strengthen and will often lead people to just keep working on getting that one thing stronger. That’s a no-no yes?

Aside from what I just mentioned, good luck in strengthening anything when you have so much guarding or other issues with tissues (ha there it is again;) ) that won’t allow for proper movements or activation. Figuring people out in any way shape or form is friggun hard. We are so complex it is annoying, and pretty cool 😉 but we all, myself included, should probably help to spread positive ish to what is the majority of people who don’t like exercise or training to get them and keep them DOING and save the rest for the effed-up-minded that get fired up in certain contexts by some self inflicted or external “tough love” (time and a place 😉 ). Just my totally random and not meant to be douchy thoughts…

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