This is Your Brain, Your Fat Loss and Your Performance on Creatine NOT Drugs

I have been too busy writing for others hence my ignoring of my own bloggerooni. Did you miss me? I hope so 🙂 Yet again I am revamping things and this blogs randomness will soon be less random and arbitrary and just more awesome (I hope lol). I was prompted to write this recent post as the sexy vixen Shannon Crane  saw a post I made on Facebook about creatine aiding fat loss and was like, “wassup wit dat”? Okay so that is not exactly how she said it but I digress.


This post is nothing ooh la la super new and cutting edge as most everyone knows of creatine. To be honest with you as I always hope to do (always learning!), the ooh la la supplements that come out every week promising you magic, are mostly BS and good ole creatine is NOT. Boring? Maybe, but LEGIT. There are enough posts out there delivering info on this stuff in a complex manner. This is why I will keep it simple and yes will include for you a few references. There are a TON on its efficacy in various areas I will cover though with my primary focus on how the eff this stuff can help fat loss.

Hopefully at this point in time you understand that training hard but smart and not just longer and more is better. Hopefully you also understand this means intensity is key for transforming your body as well as your health and performance. This is where you will realize that you should befriend and totally BFF creatine.

This is your brain on creatine:

Supplementation with creatine has been shown to help reduce oxidative (damage) stress in our brain while also improving our mental function/health and even memory (1,2,3,4)

This is your performance on creatine and thus fat loss:

Supplementation with creatine has been shown to increase the ability to lift higher loads, to train at a higher intensity, train with greater volume and output and thus increases your ability to put on fat burning, body reshaping, metabolically active, fat burning muscle mass (5,6,7). Due to its ability to aid recovery and reduce excessive catabolic hormones, fat loss is enhanced in that regard too by means of muscle preservation (8).

So the short version of all of this is drumroll puhleez….

In order to rock at all things in life and be a lean mean speed demon agility machine, you want to have muscle and a solid bit o grey matter between your ears. Creatine supplementation along with nutrition, training at the proper intensity and frequency with a balanced lifestyle may help you with the rockage ;D Wooooooooh to you!


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