The War of One

We all began the same but you took a crooked path

Began drowning others in your aphotic woes, your odius bath

And there it started, but as you sow, so shall you reap

Inflicted your darkness on others, buried it in so deep

Shackled and gagged but we will still be heard

The message will travel out beyond a spoken word

Your prey is the young,the odd, the feeble and weak

Until your own tormented soul reaches a self-deemed powerful peak

That allows you to justify all of you’re wrong doings and deeds

But from your darkness, our light multiplies and breeds

While you feed on the torment, I promise you won’t win

And banished you’ll be, locked in hells dungeon

Just when you feel your rogue self is indelible

The bonds will come off, you’ll flee but captured you will be in my crucible

I will take back all the essence that you have taken

And give my strength to those that have been forsaken

The cries, the tears will fall no more

Abolished will the darkness be, and forever locked behind good graces door



Okay so I maaaay start posting more of my musings and such but don’t get the wrong idea of the stuff that comes out of my head lol

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