The Flipper

My good friend Jesse Martin of Commercial Fitness Canada  introduced me to this pretty cool piece of equipment that is a play on the whole tire flipping thing. At first I figured it was just another gimmicky piece of equipment but when I got through some research, and did some evaluating from my own, it actually is a pretty legit piece of equipment. It is called The Flipper which is basically a plate loaded sled so to speak. The flipper seems to be a pretty good concept because of its adaptability as opposed to having to have several separate tires for different strengths so space saving, awesome. Less chance of injury I would think too as I have personally experienced in flipping tires, if you grab and flip the wrong way or it starts to “roll” u can easily torque your lumbar spine and this with the more linear pathway I would see as preventing that. Would be great for athletic training facilities but I don’t see many garage gyms, crossfit gyms or the “hardcores” using it because it just doesn’t fit the ego and takes away from being “hardcore” whatever that means though REALLY ;p. For Strongman competitors it wouldn’t relate either because of the lack of specificity but I think this has big pluses in safety and in conservation of space if you are limited and want to incorporate this type of training in your facility/training programs.  When I actually get to try this thing, I will come back and let you know if my opinion changes but sometimes safety IS worth the extra dough yo!

If you have tried this and have also experienced tire flipping, I would love to hear you thoughts and experiences 🙂

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