The Anti-Christ and the 3 Monkeys

I believe that the title of this post is actually quite fitting from some of the things I have seen, heard, read (ok so the 3 monkeys actually represents see, hear and speak but well, that just doesn’t fit with my story here so c’est la vie)! images

The food and training wars have been going on forever and really it shouldn’t be treated as such. Food, nutrition, diets, training methods and protocols are a VERY individualized thing and the outcry of dogmatic, nouveau-religious cult-like gurus and experts should not be perpetuating things this way. Forcefully shoving YOUR opinions, beliefs and the like down other peoples throats is almost as sinful as the gluttonous behaviours of the unfortunately morbidly obese. The thing is though, there are a TON of good ones out there too 🙂 The research, the books, the videos, speakers and other “educators” are all just outlets, tools for you to test, experiment and find your fit with. Yes I understand why so many purposefully create drama in this arena but seriously, settle down a little lol. Sure there are some things within these realms that are just downright idiotic or meant to just make a buck at your expense, but for the most part, the reason there are so many options, so many gadgets, gizmos, books…is because different people have found different things that work for different populations and are sharing these things that worked for them and their “people” and maybe it might help you too. This post is not intended to be a rant (shocking that I am not ranting I know lol) but it is meant to give you some perspective from my over 13 years of being engulfed in the “industry”, having others be my guinea pigs as well as myself being a guinea pig of just about every diet, training tool, method you can think of! I would never impose anything extremely dangerous or maliciously stupid upon anyone (unless they really ask for it  ha ha) I save that stuff for myself :p. Some of the biggest things that I have learned over the years are that aside from some extreme things that people advocate to others that just make me go cross-eyed and say wtf, that no single protocol, food, supplement, lifestyle recommendation will work for everyone. Even based on several research studies that have proven in a potentially similar population as yourself can you be guaranteed that whatever tested will work for you specifically. Unless you were a part of those studies and your biochemistry never changes, which is impossible btw, live in a petrie dish or you were scripted in the remake of this 1976 JT flick and live in a completely controlled environment like he did in his bubble,


nothing is guaranteed and nothing should be treated as the Anti-Christ of methodologies when it comes to training, nutrition and supplementation…within sane reasoning. There are so many great people out there looking to help and yes there are some who just truly don’t give a (insert f-bomb here) but those are the ones who are either looking to feed the green or feed their egos and THOSE are the ones who I will say you should put on your kicks and run from. You will know 😉 Seek out the curious, the open-minded and ask, test, experiment to find YOUR fit. Keep reading, keep trying, keep learning and have fun with it as much as you can. Everyone is seeking a tribe of some sort and we do all have one. The key is in accepting that no one tribe is necessarily better than the other, they are just as different and individual as we are and we all need to respect that. At the end of the day if it makes you feel good, isn’t hurting anyone else and makes your buccinators, zygomaticus, levator labii etc. hurt from being overused (those are some of the facial muscles you use for smiling and laughing lol), than go for it! I am and always will be working on these things too. I won’t ever pretend to not be or to pretend to know and have all of the answers because I don’t and no one does. As the accomplished Gino frequently said in his book and in our conversations, spend more time lifting others. This is SO LEGIT and more should do this than spend time cutting up, stomping on and dismissing others as simpletons or degenerates. Grow up lol

To keep with the theme I have apparently created, just be like this guy below and always be curious, try new things, play more and do this more —-> 🙂

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