>That’s what it’s all about…

I am visiting some different places at the moment and today while I was practicing some things at the local Y where I am at right now, the most heart warming thing happened. I was off in a room doing my thing when this little girl, maybe 6 or 7 walked by. I was behind glass doors so while she didn’t know that I could see her, I did. she stopped in her tracks and just sat there watching me. I continued on with what I was doing so she wouldn’t get shy or feel awkward and when my back was turned for a second to take a rest, I guess she snuck into the room. I had music playing so didn’t hear her but when I turned around saw her shyly watchng me in the corner of the room. She started to try to mimick me and what I was doing when she thought I couldn’t see her and when I would turn, she would stop and pretend like she wasn’t even there again. This went on for a little while and I knew she was shy so I just let her be and kept smiling at her. She would shy away each time. Then something happened, she came closer to me and began to try to do what I was doing again but this time I said hello to her and gave her a huge smile and welcomed her to join me. The look on her face was priceless! It made my heart melt and we “played” around for a little while. I asked her why she was by herself and she told me that she didn’t fit in and felt uncomfortable with the other kids in her class so the teacher would let her go off on her own. That broke my heart but made me enjoy our little session together even more until we both had to go. THAT right there is what it is all about. Then when I was down in the change room I was just in my track pants and a tank top and this group of girls maybe 9 or 10 were whispering to eachother when finally one of the girls came over and asked me what I was eating then said “you have big muscles…that’s cool!” Okay so they really aren’t THAT big lol but that right there, just made my day. The fact that those young girls appreciated muscle on a girl and thought it was cool 🙂 Again, THAT is what it is all about!

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