>Testosterone’s Critical Role in Building Muscle

>From sex drive to muscle mass and moods to fat loss and so much more, whether male or female, the hormone testosterone is of utmost importance if you want to maximize any of these matters.

Testosterone has a crucial role in protein synthesis, muscle mass and strength, as well as other anabolic mechanisms within our bodies and is of great importance to overall health and well-being. This hormone actually has an effect on other hormonal mechanisms like growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor, and on the nervous system (regeneration of nerves, neurotransmitter release) and may be a huge factor in force production as well.1

While men naturally produce testosterone levels at a much higher level than women, these levels tend to drop with age or due to certain medical conditions. This can have a huge effect on a man’s overall health and self-esteem as he may notice a decrease in libido, higher fat mass or a change in moods.

Women produce such a small amount of testosterone, which is why we tend to have less muscle mass, higher fat mass and tend to be more sensitive. Women can greatly benefit from a slight natural increase in this hormone with some great results in better moods, decreased fat mass and more lean mass. The key to increasing levels of testosterone without any negative side effects is to do your research and ask questions so you know the best route to take to do this in a natural way without affecting your body’s delicate endocrine system.

So, how can you naturally increasing your testosterone levels and reap the benefits of this super hormone without throwing your other hormones off balance? Well the first step for you is to lift heavy and use multi-joint movements like deadlifts, squats, bench press and so forth. This goes for both men AND women. As I had mentioned, women have much lower levels of testosterone to begin with, so you will not ever look like the hulk regardless.

The next step aside from proper nutrition, if you find that you are still lagging behind in your results, or are experiencing some of the aforementioned effects of low testosterone levels, I would suggest supplementing your training and nutrition with a T-booster like TestoFX LOADED. This particular product will not only help to elevate testosterone levels (greater strength, libido, muscle) but even more importantly, it will help prevent or possibly even reverse an estrogen imbalance you may have. As we all know, too much estrogen in the body has been linked to certain hormonal cancers and if there is a way to add to your arsenal of prevention, this just may be for you, man or woman.

One of the ingredients in TestoFX is Novaldim (a form of di-indolymethane or DIM) has been shown to correct an estrogen imbalance as well as, for the ladies, reduce symptoms of PMS! With a recommended dose of about 15 mg of DIM per day for women and 30 mg per day for men, this will help maintain a healthy hormonal balance and improve prostate health, metabolism and weight loss.2 This dosage can easily be met with TestoFX LOADED, while also safely and naturally increasing your fat-burning, muscle-building hormone testosterone.


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Testosterone’s Critical Role in Building Muscle

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