Performance and fat loss training/nutrition programming and consulting for the amazing heavyweight champ Courtney Belcher.

Before you fight in the cage, you need to train and diet. Melissa Traynor, a fitness model and trainer, has been helping several fighters, including Jenna Bernick, to lose weight and prepare for fights.

We discuss with Traynor about how to train safely, diet safely, and what you need to know about supplements. –Wombat Sports


I was hired by Matan Goldansky’s parents to help him with his fitness over the summer of 2015 to help him not only during his soccer season here in Toronto, but to help prep him for his tryouts in Spain. I am very happy to say that he made the team and was welcomed into the academy in Spain.

To state it simply Melissa is AMAZING! Her dedication and passion for fitness is contagious. She truly leads by example first and foremost. Melissa has helped me lose a tremendous amount of weight and gain immense strength. I highly recommend her as a fitness instructor. …heaviest was July 2012 so thanks for helping me get my figure back and adding a chest, muscles and helping me get stronger. Could not lift much even though I looked thin in 2009/2010. –R. Brar (Toronto)

My name is Denise and I have been working with Melissa for the past few months. She has not only motivated me but helped me get from 347lbs to my current weight of 252lbs and we are still working towards my goal of losing another 70-80 lbs. She helped me learn to eat the right TYPES of foods and some of the why`s this is important and we would take on some good hiking trips with a lot of hills. I really can`t say that I am on a `diet`. I have learned that eating MORE food, of the right types, can actually make you lose weight instead of eating so little before. I would say that from the tools she gave me I can lose the remaining weight. By just eating the proper food, moving my body a little more frequently and pushing out of my comfort zone with her guidance and support I can do wonders! I`ve been trying all kinds of different diets and fads and I just couldn`t seem to lose. I had so many excuses why I couldn’t lose the weight or push myself with exercise but she taught that I CAN push myself, that these things are just excuses and not real and that I AM worth it. I can honestly say that this process and losing all of this weigh makes me feel like I can do anything. I have changed a lot of my bad habits into good habits and will keep working on this for the rest of my life. Before I started working with her I couldn`t even walk up the second floor where I live without stopping 2 or 3 times to catch my breath. Now that I have lost this weight I can not only walk up the flight of stairs, I can do it 2 or 3 times now! I now feel more positive about myself mentally as well as physically and I really do thank Melissa for helping me and guiding me on this journey. –Denise B. Ontario, CA

Hi there everyone my name is Tom Tzemos! I have been training for roughly 15 years and competed in body building contest in Texas for 5 of the 15 years. After a ten year hiatus of not competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) USA or any other federation, and YES you just read that folks, ten years of not stepping a foot on stage!! Well, I returned on March 26,2011 with confidence, energy, and a new refined and improved version of my body that i had been longing to show the audience and judges. The contest ended with a phenomenal outcome and marvelous results. To my astonishment I won the Middle Weight class of the WTC (West Texas Classic), and went in to win the Overalls of the entire Novice Class. The competition bug had hit me once again! I needed an edge as well as a strong X-Factor to take on the training, dieting, and not so easy competition schedule during the month of the show. I knew the only way I could take this to the top and beyond was to get in contact, and soak in the expertise of Melissa Traynor at ATS (Athletic Traynor Services).
I first met Melissa at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas in September of 2010 through a mutual friend. Melissa and I began talking about nutrition , dieting, and competing. I soon found that Melissa was very knowledgeable and very accredited , and well qualified. After talking to Melissa I spoke of my goals with training and competing . Soon after our conversations she came to find that I was very serious and needed her knowledge, training techniques, and dieting plans . Melissa was a huge weapon I knew I couldn’t pass up. I agreed to have her help me and the results were amazing. I soon began to see my body transform like I never had.
I had competed in several competitions in recent years, and the outcome of the shows was very disappointing. Unknowledgeable advice and poor dieting habits were proving to be fatal in my competing . The placings were not where i wanted to be! After long and strenuous dieting, body fat measurements, and increased training habits, Melissa developed a new strategy for me that was much easier for me compared to what I had done in the past. This strategy consisted of a new strength and conditioning program that had awoken and shocked my muscles that had long been stagnant and bored of over training and consistent +repetitive workouts.
The food and supplementation program Melissa had me on was keeping me strong and focused and my energy levels high. Melissa helped to breakdown what I was to do for my dieting strategy going into the show, consistently eating every two hours, she helped me to maintain my weight with clean foods.
Overall, Melissa guided me to a successful win with dieting and awesome training routines , and the cutting phase weeks before the competition. Because of Melissa’s vast experience and knowledge , and my serious devotion to training we teamed up to make me the winner I had always wanted be. I will always use the advice she has given me and continue to learn from her for my training and competition as long as I continue to push farther in the body building federations. ––Tom Tzemos