A bloody mess of a good time

Well here she goes again! Courtney Belcher is about to lay the beatdowns fighting for the women’s heavyweight title at the Virginia Cage Fighting Championship’s Martinsville Mayhem 2. If you are in the area or just want to see a woman with heart giving her all, be sure to head out. You […]

UFC 157

Tonight I stopped by Warrior Fight Store and there was a lovely lady in there buying some kickboxing gear. As always, there were fights rolling on the suspended tv and while Chris was helping her out in the fabulous way he does, I sat in the leather couch and watched the fights. […]

MMA Champ Courtney Belcher vs Jeanette Barkers

I am rushing out the door but wanted to quickly give you a taste of MMA Champ Courtney Belcher’s mad skills that she is ALWAYS working on, and her heart by sharing with you her last fight video. This girl just keeps getting better and better (and tinier lol) but […]