Box Jumps: A GENUinely Better Angle for Women 2

Here is my angle with this post… I can cover a myriad of topics related to ‘powerups/step ups’ and box jumps in particular. With there being more of the red steps/boxes being used over better options, I will tell you why, as a woman, you need to think before you […]

Women’s Power Workout

Again I figured I would share some old training stuff I did with past clients. I had to call this something for you ladies (although gents may partake too of course) so Women’s Power Workout it is! Because I have spent a lot of my time freelance, I tended to […]

Partial Boxing Program

  I have learned a lot since working with this client (who btw kicked ass and won yeaaaah!!) but here is a part of his training that helped get him into fighting shape rawr. This isn’t edited or otherwise ‘cuz I likes to keep it real yo and to show […]

Training Fixes to Keep You in the Game

Whether you are an actual athlete who plays a sport at any level, a weekend warrior type, someone who just wants to look better and be healthier, prevent and treat disease, or a 75 year old woman who just wants to function at her prime, there are ways for you […]

#MPOWERment Workout Music #27

Holy Hannah (who was Hannah anyways and why was she deemed so holy?!?) it is already February 2015! Times sure flies when you’re having fun and if you are not having fun, come to one of my bootcamp classes yaaaaaaaaah 😀 Alright so please find below your February playlist aka […]

Ass to Grass Squats, Hybrid Half Squats and You

In terms of many things, on a grand scheme level, there are not necessarily any rights or wrongs, just different approaches. This is within reason of course, but for the most part it stands to be pretty legit. I have decided to use the squat as a way to highlight […]

#MPOWERment Workout Music #24: Work it out… #music #MOVEment

Ok so this post is going to be a quickie with just your playlist because I am a bit busy but I still luv ya…So here is your October workout playlist peeps! 😀 1. Disclosure – F for you 2. Hardwell – Three Triangles 3. Junior Jack – Es Samba […]

#MPOWERment Workout Music #23

Hello and welcome back to my monthly playlist and “fitness can I get a witness” post. I aim to deliver you with some hellish workouts to add some yeah to your day and the tune-age to help you bust a nut…wait, I mean…no that IS what I mean (I kid […]

Free Music and MOVEment 6

I am spending most of my day today working from home and am currently updating my playlist. Home work is great because my breaks can consist of whatever the eff I want such as random outbursts of loud music and flailing myself around the room. Yeah I know right, good times 😉 […]