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Simple Ways To Fit in Fitness

o Simple ways to fit in fitness (BPT) – Being resourceful with your daily routine can deliver big payoffs when it comes to increasing your activity level. Incorporating physical fitness into your everyday activities can save you time and also burn calories, and it doesn’t have to take much time […]

Why are you sitting there reading this???

History Projects and Protects the Future I learned recently that my dad was a big hippie when he was younger. It doesn’t surprise me from what I know of him and that actually makes my heart smile. My Pop is definitely the one who instilled the great things I am passionate […]

Training Acuity – It’s Often What You Can’t See that Matters

It sometimes takes me a while to narrow and simplify the direction I want to go with something I can attack from such a variety of angles. Something as simplistic as the title, ‘Training Acuity-It’s Often What You Can’t See That Matters”, can be broken down into such complex analysis […]

Why cross training is essential to long term success

Thank you to my friends for the use of the infographic to help you understand why cross training is so important to long-term health and fitness success. If you need any help or motivation and are in the Toronto area, although I do online coaching as well, I would love to […]

Rooftop Fitness Party in Downtown Toronto

This morning brought out an exciting array of fellow fitness instructors, yogis, studio/gym owners and fitness enthusiasts to a party atop the Big Carrot . This fun filled, health promoting event was for the media launch of . Before I continue I would like to thank Jake for having me […]

The Anti-Christ and the 3 Monkeys

I believe that the title of this post is actually quite fitting from some of the things I have seen, heard, read (ok so the 3 monkeys actually represents see, hear and speak but well, that just doesn’t fit with my story here so c’est la vie)! The food and training […]

Brawl on Bay Street -Toronto gets Punchy!

This April 25th get ready Toronto for the Brawl on Bay Street! It is an unprecedented boxing event of its caliber, Brawl on Bay Street  takes place twice a year in the Toronto GTA. Due to rave reviews from all  involved; participants, coaches, and fans alike there has been a […]

In case you were wondering…

I am not really one to blog about my day to day training, what I put in my face and blah blah blah. To me, that is yawn and 1. you shouldn’t be doing what I am doing regardless because you are not me, don’t have the same goals, history […]