Sustainability, Not Sustainable – Analogy to Thinking

A push for sustainability in all areas including food, nutrition, diet, agriculture has created some new technologies. Some are worth advancing, some not so much (my opinion). I just want you to take this post and use it to think ALL areas of your life choices. This important new lifestyle has […]

A New Easter Treat On The Block

Easter is coming and that often means colourful eggs and chocolates. My challenge to you is to find and add the new chocolate on the block to your Easter repertoire. Please comment and let me know what you find and where. Add this quest to a longer list you create […]

Want to lose weight?

…some research proves a big breakfast is the first step. In reality, it is a very individual thing. For the most part, yes, eating a high protein breakfast with some complex fiber-rich carbohydrates from veggies and fruits and some whole grains will pretty much help you start off on the […]

A Mish-Mash of Mmmmmm

  I love this time of the year for the hearty foods that come around. Knowing that fall is coming, I decided to make and share with you, another of my ‘big pots of goodness’. This one is made up of ingredients common to the fall season, it is very […]

Rice is nice but the shell will help give ’em hell

Battle of the Endosperm Maybe you are not into the weird idiosyncrasies of all things food and training as the #fitfam are (ya I DID just use that hashtag :P) , but there has been a back and forth on rice for quite a while. If you think arguing about rice […]

How to Lose Your SUPERpowers

Cheetahs (no not Cheetos) kick ass. Ok so do panthers and pretty much any other creature that can be fast, powerful and agile as ____. Humans also have some incredible capabilities if nurtured. What can quickly make a once, or a hopeful, panther-esque creature quickly lose one’s superpowers, is falling victim […]

Little-known secrets of the kiwifruit

The one on the left will give you some much-needed protein sure, but instead of helping the Kiwi bird meet it’s extinction, opt for the kiwi on the right for some health-promoting properties 😉 BPT-When it comes to fruit, kiwis are often overlooked. That’s a shame because these tiny orbs pack […]

Bully-Fruit Breakfast 2

First of all, who says that breakfast foods are only for breakfast? In case you didn’t know by now, I am not a huge fan of strict rules and prefer the more contextual approach in that most things should be seen more as guidelines. Don’t get me wrong, there do […]

Struggling to Stay on Track?

I am pretty sure that I have at least one or two other posts giving you tips like these but hey, those reminders can always help right 😉 Everyone can agree that regular exercise is important, so why do so many people struggle to stay on track with their fitness […]