Sustainability, Not Sustainable – Analogy to Thinking

A push for sustainability in all areas including food, nutrition, diet, agriculture has created some new technologies. Some are worth advancing, some not so much (my opinion). I just want you to take this post and use it to think ALL areas of your life choices. This important new lifestyle has […]

A New Easter Treat On The Block

Easter is coming and that often means colourful eggs and chocolates. My challenge to you is to find and add the new chocolate on the block to your Easter repertoire. Please comment and let me know what you find and where. Add this quest to a longer list you create […]

Almond Butter Coconut Cups

I was having a conversation the other day with a new client, who also happens to be a food scientist…cool right! We were chatting about people’s ideas of who and what a chef vs a nutritionist vs a foodie is about and do. It is understandable that people who do […]

A Mish-Mash of Mmmmmm

  I love this time of the year for the hearty foods that come around. Knowing that fall is coming, I decided to make and share with you, another of my ‘big pots of goodness’. This one is made up of ingredients common to the fall season, it is very […]

Holy Chip These Are Amazing

Be an Elephant A friend of mine, who on numerous occasions helps others with his knowledge bombs or otherwise, gave me some insight into a helpful tool. To repay him, I made him some cookies from one of my favourite and ever-so-appropriately-me sources, Thug Kitchen. I want you to be […]

One thing we can ALL agree on

I posted up on my Instagram  yesterday that I would share with you a little more in detail what I share with some of my clients, family/friends, and use myself. I gave some tidbits on here and my other social media previously but I figured to make it a bit […]

Shakespearean Fatty Fruit For Health and Fat Loss

Like the Shakespearean soliloquy,”to be or not to be”, one must ponder… “Avoca-DO or Avoca-DON’T” ? In terms of what I now coin as the Shakespearean fatty fruit for health and fat loss (get it?? :p ) is the avocado worthwhile to add to your diet to help you meet […]

Screw Green Eggs and Ham, Try Greenpie! 1

It was a process of wanting, working for than some elimination to get in on the beta testing and mentorship for something that will be both a tremendous learning experience (keep learning from EVERYONE and learn from your mistakes…just learn!) as well as a life changer. I am not ashamed […]