fat loss

Want to lose weight?

…some research proves a big breakfast is the first step. In reality, it is a very individual thing. For the most part, yes, eating a high protein breakfast with some complex fiber-rich carbohydrates from veggies and fruits and some whole grains will pretty much help you start off on the […]

A Mish-Mash of Mmmmmm

  I love this time of the year for the hearty foods that come around. Knowing that fall is coming, I decided to make and share with you, another of my ‘big pots of goodness’. This one is made up of ingredients common to the fall season, it is very […]

Calorie saving tips so easy even you can do them

Minimize Damage, Maximize Results – Calorie Saving Tips When Dining Out Look for grilled, baked, broiled or steamed avoid creamed, glazed as often as possible. Tell them you are gluten intolerant/have gluten allergies (or some other currently trendy fallacy) so you would just like salad, various veggies and some unbreaded […]

Rice is nice but the shell will help give ’em hell

Battle of the Endosperm Maybe you are not into the weird idiosyncrasies of all things food and training as the #fitfam are (ya I DID just use that hashtag :P) , but there has been a back and forth on rice for quite a while. If you think arguing about rice […]

How to Lose Your SUPERpowers

Cheetahs (no not Cheetos) kick ass. Ok so do panthers and pretty much any other creature that can be fast, powerful and agile as ____. Humans also have some incredible capabilities if nurtured. What can quickly make a once, or a hopeful, panther-esque creature quickly lose one’s superpowers, is falling victim […]

The History of Diets

How does that saying go, “if we don’t know our history, we are condemned to repeat it”? Well even if that isn’t how it goes, it is important to know some history and historical faux pas, so to speak. While this most certainly is not an exhaustive list, I wanted […]

5 Quick Tips to Help You Stay On Track

I actually really enjoy those little reminders from people who are just starting out on their fitness and healthier life journeys. I never want to take for granted the things that I have learned in many facets in terms of nutrition, supplementation, training modalities for fat loss, muscle building, sport […]

Stress eating theories to help you understand you

There are many theories as to the causes of stress eating and it is increasing prevalent in North American societies in all genders and backgrounds (it does not discriminate and neither should you). For many, it is not (yet) as much of an issue, but for others, it teeters them […]

Non-Dairy Calcium-Rich Food Sources

Non-Dairy Calcium-Rich Food Sources I am not poo-pooing milk or dairy foods by any means BUTT (get the hilarity in what I just did there lol) there are some people that either cannot actually poop well, get sick or bloated from these foods. The primary reason that milk is drank […]