Sustainability, Not Sustainable – Analogy to Thinking

A push for sustainability in all areas including food, nutrition, diet, agriculture has created some new technologies. Some are worth advancing, some not so much (my opinion).¬†I just want you to take this post and use it to think ALL areas of your life choices. This important new lifestyle has […]

Shakespearean Fatty Fruit For Health and Fat Loss

Like the Shakespearean soliloquy,”to be or not to be”, one must ponder… “Avoca-DO or Avoca-DON’T” ? In terms of what I now coin as the Shakespearean fatty fruit for health and fat loss (get it?? :p ) is the avocado worthwhile to add to your diet to help you meet […]

Macronutrients and Micronutrients – What’s in Your Food.

The Deal About Macronutrients and Micronutrients We are bombarded with various complicated diets and training protocols. We are convinced that the only way to grow, lose or get faster are by taking various concoctions. First though is knowing, understanding and for a consistent period of time, application of the basics […]

Screw Green Eggs and Ham, Try Greenpie! 1

It was a process of wanting, working for than some elimination to get in on the beta testing and mentorship for something that will be both a tremendous learning experience (keep learning from EVERYONE and learn from your mistakes…just learn!) as well as a life changer. I am not ashamed […]

The Future of Health and Fitness

I have such a love-hate relationship with how health and fitness has been going the past few years. I think it is ridiculously awesome that there are so many apps, gadgets and other scientific tools to help track, monitor and improve ourselves. Whether you are simply a busy exec trying […]