>Strength Endurance (sort of )

>The part of my plan right now is simply to keep my strength levels while increasing my muscular endurance. I have been doing this plan for a couple of weeks now and am really enjoying it and am making progress which meeeee likey! Try incorporating this workout in your plan if you have a similar goal and it is actually really fun and challenging:

4 sets of 6 reps for each exercise (except sprinter hops) 60 seconds rest

One-legged RDL followed by same leg sprinter-hops (10 reps)
(do the same for the opposite leg with no rest between each leg)

Bent-over Barbell rows with Inverted Rows

Incline Press with Wide pushups

Push-Press with Pike Pushups

I like to include some “accessory” work at the end where I will superset a bi/tri exercise for 2 sets of 12.

I also like to use the TRX for some injury prevention work during the week at home.

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