>Specific Training for Specific Results!

>With ANY goal you have you have to be specific with it. Write down you main goal and to make reaching it easier, break it down into mini goals. Once you have done that, figure out how you are going to make those steps to your ultimate goal happen. What changes do you need to make? What resources are available to you and who do you know that can help? When it comes to diet, training and supplementation, you need to truly take a look at what your health and fitness goal is and practice the tried, true, and tested practices of SAID (specific adaptations to imposed demands) and be consistent with it all. Think of the nutrition plan, supplement plan and training as that “imposed demand”. What do I mean by this? Figure out your goal, do you play a specific sport? are you training to compete in a fitness/figure/bodybuilding show? are you simply looking for a transformation or are you looking for a sustainable level of bodyfat and fitness? Each of the aforementioned goals require different methods of adapting to the demands or basically, each goal will have a different periodization need. Your training and nutrition need to be specific to the energy systems being maximized to reach your goal. Each persons biochemistry and exercise physiology responses will be different and without getting specific to this, the goal may never be reached, at least healthfully.

(Aside from systems based on sport specifity),if you are working with a trainer or train yourself you need to decipher what metabolic systems you are going to prioritize in your training and adjust your nutrition accordingly. If you choose to supplement, you must also get the appropriate supplements for your needs (FYI if you are a fast oxidizer you would need to be careful of the supplements, like some of the B vitamins that can speed up the metabolism of carbohydrates). Some of the supplements that I feel can benefit just about anyone regardless of their goals are the following: a whey protein, a good multivitamin/mineral supplement(I don’t care how perfect you think you eat, with the oxidization that occurs from training, increased stress,cooking your foods, air and soil pollutants etc,. you are most likely not getting all the nutrients you think you are),glutamine, BCAA’s, a greens product, fish oils (eating fish is great but nowadays the amount of toxic metals found in all types of fish, I would say it is a safer bet to supplement), and additional C and E for post workout.

Another key point to all of this is BE PERSISTENT AND BE CONSISTENT! Lay out your goals and make them known to those close to you so you will get the support and guidance needed, and write them out and post it on your fridge, your mirror, at work…just make it in your face as much as possible so you will always be reminded of what you are after. Also, as part of the SAID principle,make sure that you make changes to your plan/program when you have “adapted” to your current level (hit a plateau). Increase intensity, work smarter, change the energy system being used, change reps/sets, frequency,incorporate de-loading with HIT, change your TUT….and make sure to adapt your nutrition to the changes you make to your program.

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