Some days

Some days it feels like a scene from Mississippi Burning

Like after all this time, just preaching, no learning.

Some days it feels like the message of love was forgotten

Like we forgot what life’s about, our existence misbegotten.

Some days it feels so many sacrifices were just dilapidations

Like their lives unlike ours were simply meretricious.

Some days it feels like if ignorance is bliss

We should forever turn our backs on this defined state of happiness.

Some days it feels like the pain and sorrow is all that we perpetuate

Like we forgot what  pay it forward means and hate we choose to disseminate.

Some days it feels like a Charlie Chaplin film reel

Like our ability to laugh out loud has been silenced by our own created fear.

Some days it feels like we forget we are the same yet so different

Like conformity is the answer, our uniqueness some kind of ailment.

But when these days come it is more the time to muscle up

For the brigade of revolutionaries to press on, because enough is enough.



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