Social Scars and Oppression


You act like you know, like your sacrifices are real

When you hide the truth behind your Vuitton’s and caviar meal

Don’t try to front on me when the hard card you were dealt

Was to skimp on the extra trips to the Islands, the Veldt

You choose to fast to feel control yet so many people are starving

Acting like your serving some cause, but your hollow side’s showing

You silly sweet thing always acting, pretending

But the words come out off key in the song that you’re singing

People like us, like your drug,  you’re a hard-up fiend

But you’ll be forced to acknowledge we are not of the same breed

A flock of sheep is more your style, no dues have you paid

Always expecting more, in a bed you never made

The time has come, we no longer need your permission

The domination will cease, there will be no remission

When push comes to shove the wheel couldn’t move faster

You run but I catch you, bow down to me, your new master

With billions worldwide, together dominating your kind

The invisible become clear, the sight returns to the blind

After all how can you take away from those who never had,

You were warned too many times now, here comes the reprimand.

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