>So, You Wanna Fight?

>Mix up your training with some mixed martial arts!

Okay, so maybe you don’t really want to step into the ring or the octagon, but you do want to have the skills and a ridiculously intense level of fitness and flexibility and discipline, or maybe you just want to fit into your old clothes and be healthier.

I personally can attest to the amazing results that come from MMA training and advocate anyone looking to step it up a notch, to get involved. With the rising popularity of the sport, there is no shortage of clubs available to help you get started.

With your first class, you can expect a few things. Every club will be different, but the one thing you can be sure of at any of them is that you will leave exhausted and tired and maybe a little sore, and I would suggest that you have some level of cardio conditioning.

Don’t be scared away though, it becomes like a drug that you will eventually crave once you get past the initial reaction of “OMG my lungs hurt, my heart is pounding and I didn’t even know I HAD those muscles!”

You can, of course, train at your own pace and the instructors will always encourage you to do this. The classes will also vary in age, fitness levels and gender.

The biggest difference between a typical martial arts class and an MMA class is the attention paid to conditioning, which any fighter will tell you is of utmost importance. A beginner’s class will typically involve learning basic techniques from stance, simple punches and kicks, chokes and takedowns with some cardio work and drills on the pads and bags. Some locations have you practicing what you learn with a partner at the end of the classes, which is a great way to really learn.

The key thing to remember when deciding to start this type of training is that everyone will have a different skill level and that even the experts had to start at some level – don’t let that put you off. It is a great way to get in shape or even to just improve the shape you know.

So, You Wanna Fight?

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