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I grew up in a world of what a lot of people would call hell. Do I regret any of it, no. Do I fill my heart with hate because of it, no. Life is too short and the things that I have gone through and have seen and lived through, have only made me smarter and stronger and more determined to set my sites high and never stop until I get there, but even when I get there, I will push to go beyond that too! My life has made me want to “over expose” myself to let others out there know that they are not alone, that even when it seems impossible that things will ever get better or that you will ever get on the right path to your goals and dreams,it will. I am living proof. Sure my journey in the right direction is just beginning, but I will never look back on what was and will only push forward and have learned so much already in life that I feel I need to share. I believe in creating my own path and being JUST ME. This is hard sometimes when society tells you to be something else, but at the end of the day, it is ONLY you who has to live with yourself.Be true to who you are and where you come from. Know that wealth and health come with true hard work and that it is not just a wealth of monetary value that matters. Money will come if you are good and fill your heart with love. This I truly believe. Know that there will be times when you fall off your path and know that that is ok. You are only human, flaws and all, and that makes you beautiful. Life is a battle, life is a fight, but if you are on the right team, with the right mindset, you WILL win the fight.

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