>slow and steady…

>Today I did my first day back and was out of the gym within 45 mins. I have to take it a bit slow to start with my back injury and the break and numerous changes I am making suddenly but I will get there. Here is my leg day today:

10 mins warmup – step mill
4 rounds of:
60 secs squats
60 secs sumo squats
60 secs reverse lunges
60 secs unilateral “toe touch” (can’t do DL due to back injury and damn it is killing me 🙁 )
10 mins cooldown aka release – rowing

Tomorrow is upper body. I will be doing upper/ lower split for about 2 or 3 weeks than will see how my back and flexibility is again so I can get back to the REAL fun stuff 🙂
Sparring was cancelled today due to the flu…I haven’t cried so hard in my life LOL jk. I hope they get better soon, and not just for selfish reasons hahaha. I also had an amazing time with my bestie Renee today. I love her so much!

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