>Shoulders and Tabata

Grow shoulders GROW!
My goal is for upper body hypertrophy and over all fat loss (to get back to where I was before this year)and this protocol worked well for me in the past so for shoulder training, I will be incorporating this intermittently. Some say to train shoulders with legs to maximize on the anabolic hormones going nuts from leg training but in my case, this isn’t the way (yes you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time within a particular training goal period, but for MY goal this would mean doing that during the one session and well this just wouldn’t work). I hit my shoulders hard with isolation exercises (as for symmetry and aesthetic reasons right now I need to do this)than follow up with a tabata shoulder routine. This will capitalize the volume needed for hypertrophy but is short enough not to tap into the wrong side of my endocrine system LOL all while creating a nice EPOC effect for fat loss.

(of course there is a warmup done)
4sets 8 reps
Lateral raises
Front raises
Rear Delt Flyes

Tabata-Clean and Press, Squat Press and Walkouts

Just finished this and damn it was good 😉

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