>Sessions Studios OverXXXposed Art Show and Sexxy Fashion Show


Last night was a wicked showcase of some amazing artistic photography, paintings and other art at Paul Buceta’s Studio. There was some of the coolest sexually driven somewhat raunchy but incredibly artistic work by some of my favourite artists and photographers like Glen Grant and Chris V Linton, Paul Buceta (of course lol), Paul Dipp, Vasko photography, Yanki Yuksel and Bruce Colero as well as some other new ones to me 🙂 There was this one room called the “red room” where it was more of the gothic stuff I love with a screen playing some cool stuff and a masked nude girl swinging in the middle of the room. It was awesome!!! There was a fashion show of Sarah Scotford’s collection which was gorgeous just like her! It was super sexy and edgy….loved it! I also got to hang with some great people and absolutely loved everything about the atmosphere and it was so motivating!

The more I get involved and submerge myself in the world of art, creativity and entertainment, the more I feel at home. Some of these people are just as “weird” and ecclectic as I am and it is so cool! I suppose the more I am around this side of it the more comfortable I will feel again with me. I am a very easy going happy go lucky person (for the most part lol) but have always been a bit dark and strange and love all aspects of creativity and expression and pushing the limits. Gotta keep chasing….

Drop your pebble in the mainstream and make it ripple 😉

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